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Modern APIs

Are you making critical business decisions without a real-time holistic view of your enterprise HR data?  Can your systems seamlessly communicate and share data in real-time?

Chances are your enterprise HR system doesn’t have a built-in set of modern RESTful APIs, but that’s okay because we can get you there.

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DevOps Transformations

How many layers of red-tape, approvals, and planning meetings does it take to coordinate an update to your enterprise HR platform? Too many!

Whether you are running on the Cloud or an on-premises installation, we can help build a modern DevOps culture with the proper CI/CD workflow to accelerate your deployments and lower your total cost of ownership.

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Automated Testing

Ensuring your system continually delivers accurately and with precision doesn’t have to eat up all your resources. Our (UKG) Kronos Testing Cloud, can help cut the testing time of your Human Resource workforce management software by 90%, allowing you to deliver more to your enterprise HR platform than ever before.

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